Thursday, June 24, 2021

What is type Blood of People Who seldom Died from Malaria?

Fig 01- A Bird feeder in the yard, just for illustration

World Health Organization (WHO) estimated about 500,000 people died due to malaria worldwide, especially in developing nations every year.

Not surprise that Malaria is one of top 10 diseases in tropical countries. The diseases mainly affect on:

- about 80% to 90% are kids below 5 years old
- majority in rural areas of Africa

Other billion of population in 92 countries are risk to malaria. 6 countries with almost cases and death of Malaria are:

- Nigeria (23%)
- the Democratic Republic of the Congo (11%)
- United Republic of Tanzania (5%)
- Burkina Faso (4%)
- Mozambique (4%)
- Niger (4%).

Fig 02- Outdoor green plants

Fig 03- Succulent plants at outdoor

Luckily, one blood type is less vulnerable to malaria.

The question then: What is type Blood of People Who seldom Died from Malaria?

The simple answer is : O type Blood.


Because RIFIN protein which causes malaria is less bond to cell of O type blood, hence, the protein is not able to damage cells.

People with O type blood tend to survive if infected by malaria diseases.

Does the fact make you surprise?

Friday, June 4, 2021

Ingenuity is the first Helicopter Flew on Mars – Science 2

Fig 01- Police Helicopter in our City, Baton Rouge, LA

I believe that you know about first helicopter flew on earth. Yes, first helicopter flight was September 14, 1939.

Almost 100 years ago!

The helicopter was invented by Igor Sikorsky, and then built by the United Aircraft Corporation.

Since then, helicopter has been developed and built in great number. It is estimated about 69,728 helicopters in the world.

The most owner of helicopters is the USA. Approximately 10 thousand helicopters belong to USA with 15,000 pilots.

Based on their roles, at least, there are 3 types of helicopters used worldwide now days:

- Utility helicopter
- Search and Rescue helicopter
- Attack helicopter

How about with the first Helicopter Flew on Mars?

Fig 02- The first flight on Mars (credit to NASA)

Fig 03- Sky in our city in the afternoon.

The first helicopter flight on Mars was this year (April 19, 2021) with powered by solar energy.

What character of Mars atmosphere?
- thin atmosphere likes 100,000 feet (30,480 meters) on our earth

Why Ingenuity can fly on Mars?
- Its light, but larger blades spin very fast.

The crucial of this mission that helicopter or other flights are feasible to fly on Mars.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Rich Countries, but Poor Elders

Fig 01- Old and poor, credit to Mayores Saludables

Number of poor elders is growing worldwide, and surprisingly, the richest countries have poor older people more and more recently.

5 rich countries as examples of older people face getting poorer are following:

Main cause of poorer elders in America is medical costs. Almost one fourth of elders face financial problems to cover their health care. This condition is bad compared to other countries such as Canada, Germany, France and Sweden

2.United Kingdom
Around 16% (1 in 6) older people in UK are under poverty line. In term of number, there are at least 1.9 million older people are poor. It is because changes in government welfare policies that in-friendly toward elders.

3. Japan
It is because aging population grow so fast, even fastest compared to other industry countries. Unfortunately, 1 in 4 elders convicted crime due to poverty, it is called as “silver crime wave.”

Fig 02- Indian blanket in the garden

Fig 03- A chocolate, just for illustration

4. Australia
30% of elders is poor in Australia due to increasing of living cost. The government allocated 3.5% of budget to pensioner, much less than other developed nations.

5. New Zealand
Almost the same with Australia, the high of property price reduces ownership for elders. The old people are struggling to pay their rent and fulfill their living cost.

# Source of this post is Age International UK study.

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

5G Generation of Internet Speed is Coming Soon - Science 1

5G connection, credit to MakeUseOf

Current broadband 4G internet will soon be replaced by “Gigabit LTE” with better performance. Cost is expected to be reduced, but speed is increased to be more than 999 Mbps. It is great improvement compared to USA national averages speed that are 64 Mbps for portable computer and 23 Mbps for mobile smart phones.

Gigabit LTE technology is a kind of transition to 5G. The advantages of this technology are in term of performance, cost effectiveness, flexibility and reliability. Its will connect people, things and places (any corners of the world) for 24 hours and 7 days.

Last year, an American company, Verizon introduced 5G like version of technology. The real 5 G technology will be sold as soon as next year, 2020 by several companies such as AT & T, Sprint and Verizon.

Actually, technology is still in development process, may not available for mobile smart phones and cellular devices at the first stage.

5G will be faster up to 100 times compared to 4G, thus data could be transfered at the rate of super fast. Relatively comfort to download websites and songs. Improvement of virtual reality, make playing game and watching TV much more attractive.

Are you ready for new technology?

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Almost Extinct Frog “Searched” a Mate Through Online

Male (left) and Female (right), credit to Helen Briggs

Water frog with scientific name (Telmatobius yuracare) is endemic to Bolivia and believed to be near extinct. Factors such as diseases, habitat destruction and climate changes lead to declining of frog population.

Bolivian natural history museum kept frog, namely Romeo in an aquarium for 10 years without mates and even friends. Last year, the scientists set up profile of Romeo to find a mate through online.

World wide communities responded by sponsoring efforts to find a real mate in nature. Recently, conservationists found the mate, namely Juliet in the Bolivia’s remote jungle. Unfortunately, Romeo still shy, while pretty Juliet with beautiful eyes is an active frog.

Hope, the frogs will have their first dating in this year, 2019 valentine day. Reproduction is important to save their own species from extinction.

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Houses with Price of One Dollar?

House for US Dollar one, credit to Aria Bendix

Yes, you could have a house with one of US dollar equal to value of 0.87 Euro. Why so cheap? It is because a lot of houses are abandoned by their owners. The city of Gary, Indiana decreased their population from 178 thousand in1960 to 76 thousand currently, decrease more than a half.

More than 30% of houses no ownership, thus the city tried to sell the empty houses with a single dollar only.

Gary city, Indiana is not far from busy city of 2.7 million population, Chicago, Illinois. Driving will takes around 30 minutes or US$ 5 for one way bus ticket.

The city seems don’t get profit for selling abandoned houses, the main purposes is to attract new residents to make city more prosperous. Neighborhoods will sustainable with new business development.

New resident no need to pay expensive mortgages like in many US cities, but they need to pay utilities and taxes. Revenue could be used to pay city debt of US$100 million.

However, US$1 houses are not ready to move in, you need to repair them. Repairment cost much cheaper than buy new houses.

Do you excite to buy one?

Friday, January 11, 2019

Can Your Dog Get Depressed?

Depressed dog, credit to Sarah Knapton

Can Your Dog Get Depression? The answer is yes. Like human beings, dog may get depressed as well. Clear signs of depressed dogs are (Mitrokostas, 2018) :
- changes in sleep patterns than usual
- no appetite to eat
- withdrawn behaviors
- licking and chewing a lot
- less wagging the tail

Knapton (2017) adds that common symptoms of depresion are “being less playful, followed by being less sociable with people, restlessness, decreased appetite, and interacting less with other dogs.”

The question then, what cause dogs depression? The main factor is that disruption of their routines or major changes in their daily activities. The disruptions or major changes may lead to their mood problems.

Some disruptions or major changes that may cause dog depressed are:
- change ownership
- long period of enclosure
- changes in daily rules

How to overcome your depressed dogs? Some experts suggested to make your dogs as comfortable and healthy as possible. Your friendly attitudes and an extra attention will help too. Just simple!

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