Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Rich Countries, but Poor Elders

Old and poor, credit to Mayores Saludables

Number of poor elders is growing worldwide, and surprisingly, the richest countries have poor older people more and more recently.

5 rich countries as examples of older people face getting poorer are following:

Main cause of poorer elders in America is medical costs. Almost one fourth of elders face financial problems to cover their health care. This condition is bad compared to other countries such as Canada, Germany, France and Sweden

2.United Kingdom
Around 16% (1 in 6) older people in UK are under poverty line. In term of number, there are at least 1.9 million older people are poor. It is because changes in government welfare policies that in-friendly toward elders.

3. Japan
It is because aging population grow so fast, even fastest compared to other industry countries. Unfortunately, 1 in 4 elders convicted crime due to poverty, it is called as “silver crime wave.”

4. Australia
30% of elders is poor in Australia due to increasing of living cost. The government allocated 3.5% of budget to pensioner, much less than other developed nations.

5. New Zealand
Almost the same with Australia, the high of property price reduces ownership for elders. The old people are struggling to pay their rent and fulfill their living cost.

# Source of this post is Age International UK study.

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  1. Poverty and old people; yesterday I saw some news flashes about that on TV. We should take care of our elderly and our poor people. Meanwhile, have a nice day and keep posting 🌸

  2. I'm kind of surprised. I know about the huge medical costs in the USA, but I wasn't aware of the elderly's poor situation in the other western countries, mentioned in your post.
    Very sad, indeed.

  3. very interesting!I did not know that rich countries have poor elder people..

  4. This is something that should not be happening. So many think once you're retired (and aged) you're financially sound. It's not that way. Seniors are in peril.

  5. So long as people are only after profit, they won't take care of others.

  6. Todo ello es intolerable. Esas personas mayores han dado toda una juventud y una vida entera trabajando para que ahora esos países disfruten de un bienestar que en resumidas cuentas fue conseguido gracias a ellos y precisamente ellos deberían ser los más protegidos. La maldita casta política existente deberían de desaparecer todos.
    Un país que no cuide de sus ancianos aquellos que lo dieron todo es un país degradado a lo más bajo del ser humano.

  7. My country disgracefully leads unjust and morally dishonest profiteering at the expense of the elderly. All venues included: medicine, housing, food.

  8. This is very true and families either don't want to or can't afford to take care of their elder family members.

  9. The rich get everything, but, we have the poorest, damn the capitalist.

  10. This is so sad. I expect to be working much later in life than my parents. It is simply not affordable to retire at a decent age anymore.

  11. This is a big problem in many countries. Rich or poor, developed or developing, countries should focus on the welfare of the elderly citizens. Thank you for sharing this. Great blog!

  12. It is tragic that we don't take care of the people who need it. There's so much that I wish could be done.

  13. It really scares me to think of retiring and being on a fixed income with my medical problems. With the large numbers of baby boomers retiring right now, you'd think we'd have some influence on change, but I can't see it happening.

  14. When I was young I thought I would never get old but now that I'm 69, reality has set in. People don't think about the old people especially now that we have thing like dementia. You thought that when you retired, you'd enjoy life after working 30 to 40 years but you never thought that your money would go down and the bills go up. No one thinks about the old. They just wait for them to die. Not for me. I want to enjoy life and cruising gives me life. When the time comes that God wants me, I will have known that my life was exciting and enjoyable.

    Cruisin Paul

  15. This is really a terrible problem in the USA, as you've pointed out. And with the changes to come (if they do) things will get even worse. It's seriously heartbreaking.

  16. So sad. Thanks for this very interesting post.

  17. Good Morning my friend,

    This is a very important post.
    Just yesterday an old man died in the park near my home. He has no money. We are nothing if we can't help people. We just need more humanism. You just made the begining.

    Wormest greetings from Volos.

  18. In Belgium it's not better ! Healthcare is good but the pensions too low.

  19. We have a lot of problems in Canada too, but thank God our social services are a bit better compared to other countries.

  20. Nothing about getting old is easy, is it?

  21. Sad. The cost of health care in the US is out of control.

  22. This is a problem in every country, unfortunately.
    I wish you a beautiful Sunday.

  23. This is a sad indictment of so called civilised societies.

  24. Such a sad state of efforts. I don't usually get political but the government here in the UK have a lot to answer for.

  25. I appreciate your post this morning, as I've always felt for the elderly. They have a lifetime of stories to tell, and they should be respected and thought of more dearly.


  26. Oh. This is not good. I do hope all our governments help look after them.

  27. Aqui no Brasil, agora que a população está tomando
    consciência da terceira idade.
    Bela partilha.

  28. This is such a sad state for our elders.

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  30. And a huge part of the issue is that young people no longer feel responsibility for their parents.

  31. Sono ricchi grazie a quelle persono che hanno lavorato una vita e che ora sono messe all'angolo. Una sola parola mi viene in mente...Vergogna!!
    Buona serata

  32. Sobering statistics. Makes growing old look so inviting. I plan on trying to stay as healthy as possible and dropping dead suddenly. The universe never gives me what I plan though.

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